We have partnered with Assistance League of the Eastside, with all of our proceeds going towards their cause! They serve the "the immediate, unmet needs of children and adults challenged by hardship or violence." To learn more about the cause, click down below.


Our team consists of ten Juniors at Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington, with two missions. We want to spread our love of code through our community and get kids more job-ready and equipped to face the tech-savvy world of today. We also want to give back to the community by using all of our proceeds to help those in need. While a new organization, we hope to expand with the help of people like you and impact more lives nationwide.

Meet The Core Team

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Srihari Krishnaswamy


Vithul Ravivarma


I enjoy watching our students develop valuable problem solving skills, and I am excited to be able to continue spreading programming knowledge to kids across the nation. I've made mobile applications in React.js and Dart, and look to get our students ahead of the pack in learning complex programming skills!

I have extensive experience teaching kids with a job as a math instructor in Mathnasium and as a volunteer intern teaching kindergartners Hindi at Gurukul. Not to mention hours and hours of coding. It's incredibly exciting to not only teach something that I love in code to kids, but also do it for a good cause in donating to charity!

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Introductory Courses Director

I love passing down what I have learnt to students as they work together to solve different problems. I have experience of 4 years in robotics and app development. Through my various projects, I have learnt a lot that I wish to give to students while supporting a great cause.

Meet The Instructors

Neha Aitharaju
Varnon Srinivasan
Isha Gosalia
Yusuf Shahpurwala
Kyle Zhang
Rishi Sharma
Shyam Ramesh
Charlie Gall
Ben Epstein
Vivek Chilakala
Prithvi Rangaswami
More in the future!