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Java Bronze

This is an entry level Java Course with no prior coding knowledge needed. This course starts with the basics, covering variables, strings, integers, Booleans and there uses. We cover the use of if/else statements, loops and the proper use of comparisons and finish with a brief overview of functions in java. Over this 11-week course we really try to focus on real life coding and application of these things and not just reading something on a screen (coding makes us better coders). That is why starting from week one we have them writing actual code in class and in homework this approach really makes students internalize syntax and proper coding techniques to take them ahead of their peers. 



Week 1

  • How to print a piece of text in Java

  • Creating a Variable and assigning it to a piece of text 

  • Connecting two strings together using the variable or two pieces of text

  • Intro to indexes of strings


Week 2

  • Intro to integers(numbers) in Java 

  • Using +=, -=, and % to manipulate integers

  • Creating an integer variable

  • Intro to Booleans 

Week 3

  • Review integers

  • Introduction of doubles/flouts

  • full walkthrough of Booleans and their comparisons (==, ||, <,>)

Week 4 

  • Intro to if, else statements using Booleans 

  • Writing full if, else if, else comparing seasons using comparisons like <, > 

Week 5

  • For loops (range and string loop)

  • Review indexes 

  • Create range loop 

  • Create string loop

Week 6

  • Review syntax of range loops 

  • Create range loop with conditionals in it 

  • Review syntax of string loop 

  • Create string loop with conditionals in it 

Week 7

  • Intro to while loops 

  • Creating a loop from 1 to 8 and when the number is less then 6 add that number to the variable 

  • Create a loop with a string and if it lands on anything but a space adds to the variable; then print a variable 

Week 8

  • Intro into nested loops (loops inside loops)

  • Go over proper syntax and the correct path the data takes.

  • Create nested loops

Week 9

  • Print cool design using loops 

  • Using inputs to interact with code 

  • Inputting numbers and string to code 

  • In class game 

Week 10 

  • Intro into functions 

  • Defining, declaring, and calling a function

  • Go over syntax and using return to get values from function 

  • Boolean and integer review 

Week 11

  • Review functions 

  • Parameters and arguments 

  • Encryption 

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