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Python Silver

A more in depth Jump into the use of python. Introducing students to more difficult and real-life uses of python like creating classes, functions, arrays, and animation in python. This again is a very hands-on approach to teaching coding with the focus being actually coding (coding makes us better coders). With these more advanced students we give them more freedom in their coding while still challenging them and introducing new difficult concepts. 

Content Summary 

Week 1​

  • Review Variables, types of data (int, string, Boolean) 

  • Review Conditionals, logical and comparison operators and loops 

  • Intro to while loops 

Week 2

  • Intro into scanners 

  • Dive into parameters and arguments in functions 

  • Grave robber in class project 

Week 3

  • Intro into arrays 

  • Nested arrays declaring them and setting elements 

Week 4

  • Nested array and for loop warmup 

  • Intro into Array Lists how to manipulate it

  • Intro to object programing 

  • Creating and using classes

Week 5

  • Animal class warmup 

  • Using constructors in a class 

  • Why inheritance?

  • Using protected keywords 

Week 6 

  • Inheritance review 

  • Planet war in class project

Week 7 ​

  • Intro to Canvas

  • Design

Week 8 

  • Flappy Bird and Falling Objects in class projects

Week 9 

  • Flappy Bird explored

  • Class utilization

Week 10 
  • Falling Objects and Flappy Bird in-depth explanation
Week 11
  • Final project day
    Final project touch ups
    playing with other Students project 
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